Let Us Support You

We support your project in the following areas:

  • In-Depth Project Testing: Each madeBASIC project is programmed and tested in-house before being sent to clients for final testing. Feedback from the testing process is integrated into the final survey before it goes live to respondents.
  • Regular Project Monitoring: madeBASIC projects are continuously monitored throughout release to ensure accuracy and a high level of respondent participation.
  • Data Privacy and Security: All data is collected through our secure networks and is only available authorized clients.
  • Regular Communication and Availability: From the day that a project starts to the time it finishes, we will provide regular updates, answer questions, and offer insights into the process, ensuring that our clients are continuously informed along the way.
  • Reputable Industry Partners: For clients requiring project support at levels that go beyond our specific services, madeBASIC has a strong network of industry contacts who can bring additional skills and expertise, as needed.